Lufthansa Premium Economy Global Fare

Premium Economy 3 Continent Fare!
  • New Routes and Inclusions! More internal flights included than ever before.
  • Travel to 3 Continents, with option to add more stopovers.

Lufthansa Premium Economy was introduced in December 2014 and this fare has proved hugely popular. Partnering with Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, Qantas, Air Canada, United, American Airlines, Air New Zealand, Air China and ANA you can travel in comfort without breaking the bank. This fare can also be mixed with business class or economy class to balance comfort and budget preferences, enquire with your details and our experts will apply and combine the fares accordingly.

Piece Together Your Preferred Route:

Choose a continent order then add destinations/stopovers in each continent. Asia can just be a transit if no stop is preferred. Additional stops can be added at Frankfurt/Munich, to create a 3-7 stop airfare. The use of more stopovers will increase pricing incrementally.

Continent Orders:

Australia – Asia – Europe – North America – Australia
Australia – North America – Europe – Asia – Australia
Australia – Africa – Europe – North America – Australia
Australia – North America – Europe – Africa – Australia
Australia – Africa – Europe – Asia – Australia
Australia – Asia – Europe – Africa – Australia

Included Stopovers:

Base pricing is for the cheapest combination of 2 continents with a transit in Asia. This can be increased to more stopovers in Asia, Germany or North America for additional costs. Stopover fees and restrictions will apply depending on fare inclusions.

Stopover Options:

Asian cities:

(surcharges apply for stopovers > 24hrs)

Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Beijing in premium economy. Bangkok, Shanghai, Seoul, Delhi and Bangalore are also available by downgrading to economy class from Australia.

European Cities:

via Munich, Frankfurt. Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Belgrade, Berlin, Bilbao, Bologna, Brussels, Budapest, Bucharest, Cologne, Copenhagen, Dresden, Dublin, Dusseldorf, Edinburgh, Florence, Frankfurt, Geneva, Glasgow, Gothenburg, Hannover, Hamburg, Helsinki, Kiev, Krakow, Larnaca, Lisbon, Lyon, London, Malaga, Madrid, Manchester, Milan, Mallorca, Malta, Munich, Naples, Nice, Nuremberg, Oslo, Porto, Paris, Prague, Rome, Sofia, Stockholm, St Petersburg, Stuttgart, Thessaloniki, Valencia, Venice, Vienna, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Zagreb, Zurich and Tel Aviv (to/from Asia only).

Intra-Europe flights between Frankfurt/Munich and one of the above cities are in economy class.

North American cities:

Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver,  Chicago [seasonal], Dallas Fort Worth, Houston and New York City.
Travel may be in either direction. One stopover destination included in North America. Includes premium economy flights on Qantas, United and Air New Zealand

African cities:

Johannesburg. Flights between Australia and Africa are with South African Airways [economy class only].


Enquire Today:

Let us find you the best value round the world airfare. Simply hit the ‘Price My Airfare’ button and let us know what you’ve got planned, or head over to our round the world trip planner to easily piece together your preferred route, dates and any stops, and our experts will find you the best deal.


Seasons: Max 12 month stay. Year round. Subject to availability. Book 9-11 months out and avoid peak periods to secure best pricing.
Departure ports: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide. Domestic connections available from Darwin, Gold Coast, Canberra, Alice Springs, Cairns, Hobart.
Book by: August 31, 2024
Deposit to book: $220 per person.
Full payment by: 1-3 days from reservation, depending on airline cancellation deadlines.
Change fee: $377 plus any fare and tax difference at the time of change. Flexible fares available for a surcharge.
Lead in price: Sydney - Singapore [Transit] - Frankfurt [Transit] - Nice - Munich [Transit] - Los Angeles - Sydney. Stopover fees may apply.
Baggage: 2 x 23kg bags included plus carry on.
Airline: Lufthansa
Destination: Round the World
Class: Premium Economy
From $5,576 inc taxes
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