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Points of Difference

We have multiple points of difference that make your booking process simpler and quicker, whilst delivering the optimum balance of price, product quality and reward benefits.

1. We’re All About The Journey

Most travel agents are about selling the destination and simply booking your flights as a means to getting your booking for accommodation and tours. This has led the travel industry to be full of under skilled sales people rather than true professionals.

We’re a little different. We are passionate about the journey.

How you get there to us is the most important part of the trip and where we can show our expertise in terms of airfare construction and airline knowledge. We’re not particularly fussed or focussed on what is happening on the ground at the other end as we know that starting your business trip or holiday off smoothly sets the tone for the rest of your stay, and that is what we focus on. 

With knowledge on seat maps and the best places to sit, save yourself time and hassle and let our airfare experts (who do this day in and day out) book your round the world ticket.

2. Expert Agents Only

To put it simply, major chains have given travel agents a bad rap in the last 10 years. With rapid expansion in this age of travel where most can afford to fly, many agencies snapped up green travel agents with little to no experience. This has left the industry with not only a skills shortage, but also a negative customer experience due to amateur agents.

At RoundAbout Travel, we only hire agents with significant industry experience, who are able to sell the most complex kinds of airline tickets. From here, they undergo extensive training in airfare and airline product to ensure they’re across the latest aircrafts, seat types and frequent flyer programs.

We understand that in order to deliver exceptional customer service, it begins with investing in our team. By focussing our staff in smaller, dedicated teams, we have teams of experts that specialise in each and every field, allowing them to deliver the right advice every time. Meet the team and learn about their backgrounds.

3. 1 Business Day Service Guarantee

When Mark and Amy Trim started RoundAbout Travel, they wanted to do something pretty drastic to the travel landscape. That was to offer a service guarantee from start to finish. Some companies offered a thinly veiled price guarantee, offering to beat competitor pricing by $1, but no one would really stand by their service turnarounds. 

That was over fifteen years ago and to date we haven’t seen another company back themselves to get back to you each and every time. You can also rest assured that once you’ve booked and paid, the same efficient and timely service will be there for you throughout the process.

4. We Regularly Test And Review Airline Product

Usually reviews of airlines are undertaken by journalists on a free junket with little detail, scared to offend the company that might be paying big bucks to advertise with them. The other issue with some reviews are that they don’t focus on the value and cost of the fare in question. We believe if we’re going to sell airfares that we need to have a good feel for the product to be able to provide a correct cost/benefit analysis delivering the best value option for your needs. 

We regularly review airlines, particularly in Business Class, where there are larger product and cost differences. This also includes the experience within the airport, from check-in processes, airline lounges and boarding, so we can give you more insight about the airlines you’re flying with.

As we like to provide unbiased reviews and feedback, all our tickets are paid for by us, not the airlines.

5. Our Process And Pricing

Our goal for booking your travel is to essentially deliver one thing: value. Value is a combination of factors including service, time leverage, price, product quality, connections and frequent flyer benefits. For someone travelling around the world, it means you’re spending not only a bit of money on your travel, but also a fair bit of your time. Balancing those elements to deliver the best value outcome is critical and achieved through our consultation process.

Our consultation starts with either the website enquiry form or we can also qualify your needs over the phone. We are looking to get an initial picture of your basic outline of dates and destinations and through many combined years of booking flights we’ve gathered the right questions to ask to get a picture of your personal travel needs. These differ from one person to the next and we can refine the right deal for you based on these preferences.

Price wise, we sometimes come in at a slightly higher cost than booking direct with an airline website. Nothing major but this just accounts for the low margins in travel and the amount of research we will put in to your airfare planning. This gives you that dedicated point of contact throughout the process, rather than having to contact an airline directly and getting an overseas call centre with a different person every time. 

We’re only an email or call away with a guaranteed 1 business day service guarantee. For busy professionals and business owners leveraging this time and outsourcing your travel planning process to an expert agent is a nett gain in cost compared to inputting a greater amount of your valuable time scrounging through websites to perhaps end up with the wrong deal for you.

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Our Team

Our airfare specialists have significant industry experience, allowing us to deliver over the top value. 

Company Background

RoundAbout Travel, a national travel company specialising in Round the World airfares.

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