Dream Now, Travel Later: Our Favourite Travel Souvenirs

Dream Now Travel Later

COVID-19 may have made it impossible to travel right now but that doesn’t mean we can travel back to previous trips through our souvenirs. Whether you have picked up fridge magnets, postcards, clothing, photos or even mugs, in the absence of the possibility of an actual holiday they make great proxies. Taking you back to the actual moment, enjoying the Sun in Barcelona, delicious food in Singapore or Family holidays at Disneyland.

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“I like to collect things from my travels that I know will look in place in my home and that I’ll continue to use and enjoy. The Singapore Sling recipe card I picked up at The Raffles in Singapore and the magnets are maps from Finland, artworks from Bahrain, and of course the iconic I Love NY logo from New York. My house is dotted with my little ‘treasures’, I love when guests point something out and I can relive the moment of buying a wooden elephant in Morocco or some copper cups in India.”

Danielle Tessari – Online Marketing Executive

“Our family collection fo Disney mugs, including Aulani and cruises. Only one missing is Shanghai!”

Mark Trim – Director

“My recent trip to Antarctica was an experience I’ll never forget, and my Penguin fridge magnets are one of the sweet little reminders of the amazing wildlife that I saw on my trip.”

Sally Burt – Airfare Consultant

“When I travel I like to find moments that I know I will use or see in my home every day. This map of the New York City Subway from my first ever trip overseas always reminds me of the fun my sister and I had wandering around the city”

Harriet Richter – Marketing Associate

“The model Ambassador car and ubiquitous tuk-tuk reminiscent of the many death-defying drives around Delhi and Rajasthan. Most taxis were Ambassadors up until recently. One never self-drives in India!”

Robert Voet – Airfare Consultant

“My wife and I are avid souvenir collectors, we have a corner of our house dedicated to our collection, including a Starbucks cup from every city we’ve been to”

Caleb Rybalka – Airfare Consultant

“These pictures were taken on an educational trip to San Diego in November 2017. San Diego was such a beautiful city and Old Town made me feel like I got to experience a little bit of Mexico”

Daniela Chiro – Admin Assistan

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