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Dream Now Travel Later

Whenever I think about my travels, I am drawn back to this one picture taken on a morning run in Kensington Gardens back in 2014. Reflecting on this I have come to realise that  I have spent a good part of 30 years traveling back and forth from this wonderful city I regard as my Motherland. Why do I keep returning? Why am I so drawn to this vibrant, diverse, bustling, ancient city? My blood heralds from many lands but why am I so drawn to this part of my history/culture? I can only surmise it’s because of the emotion it evokes in me. I feel recharged, alive, rejuvenated right down to my soul when I travel to London. London feeds all of my senses at once and yet calms my spirit. It has been having this effect on me since I first flew into Heathrow way back in 1991 as a naive and raw 18 year old. I can still ‘feel’ what it felt like that first time. 

Moving forward, looking to how I will travel post Covid-19, I’ll be traveling for the why, the effect on the soul, the feelings my chosen destinations evoke. I know myself, the next time I stand in front of this grand old statue of Queen Victoria at 7am on a brisk London morning, I’ll be more grateful than ever. Grateful for the opportunity to visit once again, and grateful for the chance to feed my senses, calm my spirit and re-charge my soul.

Enlightened travel, traveling from the heart, sharing and creating memories with those that we love. Memories to hold close. My reason for London, my reason to keep dreaming, knowing that next time will the feelings will be intensified again because we’ve waited and dreamed to go back. Travel is good for the soul and London is good for mine x

– Sasha Chiro, Airfare Consultant

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