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From summer 2020 Lufthansa will begin flights from their Munich hub to American cities Seattle, Detroit and Orlando giving passengers more destinations to choose from in the USA to be part of around the world trips. The Lufthansa Group is one of Europe’s largest providers of holiday travel and this expansion into the United States is a direct result of the increase in demand for tourist-oriented destinations.

Lufthansa will start flights to Seattle from Munich in June 2020

As of 1 June 2020, there will six weekly flights to Seattle from Munich. The flight will depart from Munich at 3:30 pm and arrive at its destination at 4:55 pm local time. The return flight will take off in Seattle at 6:45 pm and land in Munich at 1:50pm the next day.

Lufthansa will begin flights between Munich and Detroit in May 2020

Beginning on May 4 2020, Munich to Detroit flights will take place five times a week. The flight will depart at 12:40 pm and land at 3:45 pm local time. The return flight to Germany will take off at 5:35 pm local time, arriving in Munich at 7:45 am the next morning.

Flights between Munich and Orlando will begin in April 2020

Taking off from April 7 2020, Munich to Orlando flights will take place three times a week. Departure will be at 9:10 am and the flight will land at 1:55 pm local time. The return flight to Germany departs at 3:45 pm local time, arriving in Munich at 7:20 am the next morning


These new destinations show the commitment of Lufthansa to the Munich hub, and the creation of products tailored to holidaymakers, and families. Find out more about the Lufthansa 3 continent global airfare or speak to one of our around the world travel experts to book today.

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