RTW Itineraries of the week #2

We’re secretly excited every time we price up one of these amazing round the world airfares, the value continues to astound us and we absolutely love our job. Here’s just a few of the awesome deals we’ve had this week…

Melbourne – Singapore [Qantas]
Singapore – Frankfurt – Rome [Lufthansa]
Own arrangements
Barcelona – Frankfurt – San Francisco [Lufthansa]
San Francisco – Hawaii [United]
Hawaii – Auckland – Melbourne [Air NZ]

This itinerary came in at an impressive $2466 including taxes from early July to mid September, with Hawaii around a $300-350 add on as a stopover on the discount deals and additional taxes to stop in Asia and extend on to Rome/Barcelona compared to lead in levels.

Another fantastic use of the Lufthansa deal was via Africa on this itinerary…

Brisbane – Sydney – Johannesburg [Qantas]
Johannesburg – Frankfurt – London [Lufthansa]
Own arrangements
Vienna – Frankfurt – Toronto [Lufthansa]
Own arrangements
Vancouver – Auckland – Brisbane [Air NZ]

Cost for this was $2074 including taxes, truly outstanding with Africa and Canada in the mix compared to Asia and the USA. This one covered March-June. But let’s not forget about the SWISS deal, a perennial favourite of ours…

Canberra – Sydney [Qantas] – Auckland – Houston [Air NZ]
Own arrangements
NYC – Zurich – Munich [SWISS]
Own arrangements
Zurich – Bangkok [SWISS]
Bangkok – Melbourne [Thai] – Canberra [Qantas]

This itinerary came in at a ridiculous $2061 including taxes per person, great pricing ex-Canberra for travel in August. Whilst the Lufthansa/SWISS fares are some of our favourites don’t forget we have some amazing deals with Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Qantas and more. There are even some really basic mini-RTW fares with Etihad if you just wanted to see NYC and Paris, great for a honeymoon. Example of that fare we priced yesterday…

Melbourne – Abu Dhabi – NYC [Etihad]
NYC – Paris [AA]
Paris – Abu Dhabi – Melbourne [Etihad]

Pricing on this was just $1897 including taxes in May or September so that fare is a great option for Velocity frequent flyers or people on a tight budget wanting to see a couple of continents.

Get in touch with our consultants via email or on 1300 318 227 and see what we can do to get the most bang for your buck with these amazing airfares.


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