Hong Kong Airport Guide

Hong KongAirport Guide

To finish off an around the world trip we travelled from Hong Kong to Australia with Cathay Pacific (read our review of the flight here). After spending a night in Hong Kong we travelled from the city to the airport via bus, which arrives every 15 minutes, you can also get to the airport by train, taxi or your hotel may have an airport shuttle.

Arriving at Hong Kong Airport

At the airport, there are 8 check-in desk with screens near each entrance displaying the flights and the correct check-in desk. As we had checked in online we were able to drop off our bags and proceed through the airport.

Before we got to security we had a look at the shops and restaurants behind the check-in desks. Here there were fast food options, souvenir shops and pharmacies so you can stock up on everything you need before your flight.

Food and shopping before security

At the airport, there are 2 security options at each end of the check-in gates. Although it doesn’t matter which one you go through, we found that the one closest to our check-in gate was busier so we walked down to the other one. This also gave us the opportunity to have a closer look at some of the shops and then walk through security without much of a wait time.

Once through security, there really is your choice of shopping with so many different duty-free options including cosmetics, luxury items, electronics, and alcohol. 

Duty-Free Shopping at Hong Kong Airport
Shopping at Hong Kong Airport
Shopping at Hong Kong Airport

At the Hong Kong Aiport, there are 2 levels of shopping which are really easy to walk around and reach the gates, while we were there was some construction so some areas were blocked off but it didn’t make navigation harder. On the top level, there are many different food options and an area with chairs and tables. It was really busy here and there were not many free tables, if you are travelling in a group we would suggest finding a seat and then looking at the food options.

Food options at Hong Kong airport

The duty-free and shopping zone opens onto the gates really easily and the clear signage makes it easy to know where to go. We found that there was a long walk between some of the gates, but the moving walkways keep you going even if you need a rest. 

Hong Kong Airport

Along the terminal towards the gates, there are smaller duty-free shops, mostly just selling alcohol but some selling cosmetics and toys as well, there was even a barber in case you need a quick trim before your next flight! Here there were also other food options as well that were not with the other shops.

Duty-free closer to the gates
More food options closer to the gates

Navigating our way through the Hong Kong airport to the gate was very easy and enjoyable, with a chance to have a look at some luxury shops, have something to eat and then a chance to relax got me ready for our flight back to Australia.

If you would like more information about around the world fares, contact our team of travel experts today.

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