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Our Lufthansa First Class experience began on our arrival from Iceland, where we were met on the tarmac by a personal chauffeur service, beginning our 2.5 hour transit-time. We were picked up in a VW sprinter car, straight from off the tarmac. Often you are picked up in a Porsche or Mercedes, but due to travelling with kids, they brought a larger vehicle to accommodate our group.

We had anticipated visiting Frankfurt’s First Class terminal but unfortunately our driver told us that we didn’t have enough time which was initially disappointing. In summary, it was explained to us that in order to get there we had to drive out of the airport and walk (uncovered) for 5-10 minutes to the First Class terminal where we would have to clear security again. Due to poor weather conditions and time constraints, we elected to go to the Lufthansa First Class Lounge in the standard airport area.

Lufthansa’s First Class Chauffeur Service
Lufthansa First Class Chauffeur Service to Lounge

After the car transfer we were presented with a long line to clear passport control for our exit from the European Schengen area. The absence of a passport priority lane was a disappointment when we arrived, and it resulted in having to wait 30-40 mins in passport control due to the number of long haul flights leaving at a similar time. The feeling of exclusiveness was lacking until we were inside the Lufthansa First Class lounge where we were pleasantly surprised that there were only 3 groups present. With more staff in the lounge than guests, it was a very enjoyable experience and a nice way to relax before a long-haul flight. 

Entrance to Lufthansa First Class Lounge
Lufthansa First Class Chauffeur Service to Aircraft

Lufthansa First Class Cabin Configuration

Our flight was scheduled for 10pm with boarding at 9:30pm. Similar to how we were taken to the Lufthansa First Class Lounge, we were escorted back to the aircraft by a private chauffeur service at 9:15pm. The boarding experience was seamless, with Lufthansa staff members assisting with our luggage and baggage right to the very door of the aircraft. Upon entering the aircraft cabin we found a personal locker for our carry-on baggage, which the flight attendants stored for us. Flying as a family of 4, this personalised service proved to be very helpful. We were onboard Lufthansa’s Flagship Boeing 747-800, one of the two aircraft options Lufthansa operates with First Class (the other being the Airbus A380). 

Lufthansa First Class Cabin

As a group of 4, we occupied half of the First Class cabin and enjoyed the luxury of having two highly attentive flight attendants with the lead flight attendant, Sebastian, specifically serving our family. Being seated in row 1 and 2 ticked off an aviation bucket list item for us, being in the nose of a jumbo jet. This configuration featured two rows of 1-1 seating and a third row of 1-2-1 seating. Due to the curvature of the plane that far forward, we were sitting essentially below the pilots and had windows slightly angled providing us a unique experience and in our opinion – the best window seats on board. 

Lufthansa First Class Suite Layout

The Lufthansa First Class suite had a very spacious design. The adjustable back and footrests, along with the ottoman allowed for various seating and reclining positions. The ottoman also allowed for socialising with other passengers, while the movable table provided flexibility during meals that you could even dine with another passenger if you wished. 

Lufthansa First Class Seat Controls
Lufthansa First Class Suite

There was a good amount of storage on the side compartment for all your belongings and also a screen that can pop up for privacy. This allowed the suite to be semi enclosed, however it is not as private as competing First Class suites like Emirates. Service on board was impeccable and the best we’ve ever experienced on board any flight – Sebastian really looked after us with a rare degree of care and attention. We had our ergonomic seat transformed into a 2-metre long bed by the lovely staff, and they went above and beyond to ensure we were comfortable and had everything we needed. Bedding is fully equipped with a soft mattress topper, a temperature regulating duvet, and top-quality bed linen which ensured a very restful journey for us. 

Lufthansa First Class Side Storage Compartment

The screen that was provided in the suite was the only drawback from our experience. The outdated, and undersized TV screen can be compared smaller to competitors in Business Class flights which presented as a less-than-ideal scenario for passengers. The screen not only fell short in terms of size, but also displayed a resolution that left room for improvement. This disappointment, however, is set to be addressed with Lufthansa’s commitment to upgrading this aircraft with the next generation Allegris First Class Suite

Lufthansa First Class Screen and Ottoman

Lufthansa First Class Amenities

Our amenity kit was presented on the ottoman when we arrived. Included were Porsche design slippers, an eye mask, shoe horn, toothbrush, hair comb, face creams and ear plugs. We were also provided with Bose sound cancelling headphones for the entirety of the flight. As we travelled with our two children, they were also provided with kid friendly amenity kits. When it was time for us to sleep, flight attendants handed around First Class pyjamas in our preferred size – these were super soft and a great addition to our Lufthansa First Class experience.

Lufthansa First Class Children’s Amenity Kit
Lufthansa First Class Adult’s Amenity Kit
Lufthansa First Class Children’s Amenity Kit
Lufthansa First Class Flat Bed Layout

Lufthansa First Class In-Flight Dining

Our in-flight dining and culinary journey in Lufthansa First Class was a delight. The on-demand meal service made dining in-flight more enjoyable and the options on board were great. We were initially welcomed on board with a glass of Champagne (Cuvée Grand Siècle, Champagne Laurent-Perrier) and a bowl of macadamia nuts. The champagne was incredible, one of the finest we have ever tasted.

In Flight Dining – Welcome Champagne & Snack
Lufthansa First Class In Flight Dining Welcome Tray Assortment
In Flight Dining Wine Menu
In Flight Dining Wine Menu
In Flight Dining Wine Menu
Lufthansa First Class Spirits List

As we’d eaten quite a bit of food prior in the Lufthansa First Class Lounge in Frankfurt, we weren’t particularly hungry so opted for lighter meal options. We decided to order the caviar for entrée, and with Lufthansa said to be the world’s greatest purchaser of caviar (even more than Emirates) we felt it seemed right for the occasion. We went with the duck breast for main which was delicious and juicy. The mango and passionfruit mousse for dessert was also just as delicious, making it a good choice to wrap up the meal. 

Lufthansa First Class Main Menu
Lufthansa First Class Appetizers
Lufthansa First Class Caviar
Lufthansa First Class Appetizers
Lufthansa First Class In Flight Dining – Duck Meal
Lufthansa First Class In Flight Dining Side Dish
Lufthansa’s In Flight Dessert Option
Lufthansa First Class In Flight Dining Chocolates

Being able to choose when we wanted breakfast was a nice touch as it allowed us to relax when we woke up and ease into the morning, without being rushed. We had the scrambled eggs that were cooked fresh on an electric stovetop onboard in the galley, not reheated as you see on most aircraft. The cappuccino provided was great, which seems to be a common thing amongst Lufthansa First Class flights. It was the extra details that made a big difference during meal time, with every meal presented well, and not rushed like on some Business Class flights.

Lufthansa First Class Morning Menu
Lufthansa First Class Breakfast
Lufthansa First Class Breakfast Tray
Lufthansa First Class Coffee

Lufthansa First Class Experience Summary

In summary, flying Lufthansa First Class from Frankfurt to Singapore was a standout experience. The pre-flight process, including chauffeur service and above and beyond personal butler-like service directly to the aircraft, set the stage for a seamless boarding experience. It was disappointing we weren’t able to check out the Frankfurt First Class terminal, however, the Lufthansa First Class Lounge within the airport was still a great experience. 

Occupying half of the eight-seat cabin in the lower deck first class-design, we enjoyed personalised service from just one of the two flight attendants for the entirety of the trip. The spacious suite offered adjustable features, while the dining experience was a culinary delight, featuring caviar, duck breast and tasteful desserts. Although the outdated TV screen was a drawback, Lufthansa’s commitment to upgrading with the Allegris First Class suite promises a more immersive in-flight entertainment experience. Overall, our journey was luxurious and attentive service, and inquisitive dining, leaving an indelible mark on our global adventure. 

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