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Recently while on an around the world trip on a Lufthansa Global fare, we flew SWISS Economy from Zurich to Hong Kong. The experience with SWISS Economy from start to finish was great, 24 hours before our flight we were able to check in online and easily change our seat selections. 

SWISS online check-in

This flight was after a connecting flight from Frankfurt, read about our Frankfurt Airport Guide and connecting Helvetic Air flight here. After checking in online we checked-in our bags all the way to Hong Kong at the baggage drop and proceeded through the airport.

Boarding of the SWISS in flight in Zurich ran very smoothly, we were greeted by a 3-4-3 economy cabin that is separated into 2 cabins. On each on the seats was a complimentary pillow, blanket and headphones. The pillow and blanket were very comfortable, the blanket was the perfect thickness, not too light to be cold but not too heavy to be too warm.

SWISS Economy Cabin
SWISS Economy class seats

The seats were very comfortable and had similar legroom to other carries. As part of the tray table, there is also a cup holder which is a really handy feature for when you don’t want the whole table down. 

SWISS Economy legroom
SWISS Economy seat

Also on the seat back is a USB charging port for your devices under the entertainment screen, with plenty of space in the top pocket to store your devices while they are charging.

The entertainment screen is one of the biggest I have seen in economy class and has a great range of entertainment options in a range of languages. You can sort and filter the entertainment by language, making it easier to find particular movies. The only downside to the entertainment is a really long video about SWISS and Switzerland that started playing after the safety announcements and continued until after take off. Because this flight took off at 10pm most people wanted to go to sleep straight away but unfortunately, the video could not be skipped or turned off. If you want to go straight to sleep we suggest packing an eye mask for the flight.

SWISS Economy entertainment screen

Shortly after takeoff was the dinner service, we had the choice between Chicken and Massaman Curry, we chose the curry which came with a bread roll, coleslaw salad and dessert. The curry was tasty and a great meal to have before sleeping.

Dinner Service Massaman Curry and Rice

After dinner was cleared away we were not bothered again until breakfast. We managed to have a really good sleep and woke up surprised there was only 3 hours to go. This was because the seat and pillow were really comfortable and the cabin was really quiet with most people on the plane sleeping.

This SWISS flight had WiFi connectivity onboard, the instructions for logging on are in their inflight magazine and it was really easy to set up. Prices started at CHF 9 for 20MB and go up from there. As this was a night flight we didn’t need much data, but the speed was great and the usage counter was a great feature to see how much we had used. It was also great that you could pause the data so nothing started downloading while you were not using your device.

SWISS Inflight WiFi

Breakfast service started around two hours before landing, at which point the lights where turned on to wake everyone up. For breakfast, we were served an omelette with a fruit salad, yogurt and bread roll. It was a good sized meal and a great way to start the day before landing in Hong Kong.

SWISS Breakfast Service

After breakfast was cleared we were given hot towelettes, a nice touch that gave flying in SWISS economy class a bit of luxury and the perks from the premium classes that you don’t get with other carries.

The flight was finished off with complimentary Swiss chocolate upon landing in Hong Kong. If you would like to find out more information about SWISS or the Lufthansa Global fare contact our expert travel consultants today.

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