Additional Flexibility for December Bookings


Whilst the world waits to see what is happening with Omicron we’ve found those planning trips for next year not quite sure what to do. One thing we’ve noticed with Covid is a huge variance and range of personal opinions and risk tolerances. Some are not wanting to ever travel again, or seemingly leave their state or house (which is fine too). Whilst others would have been more than happy to be hopping on a plane in 2020 if they were allowed out of the country. Naturally we tend to lean towards having a pro-travel stance but appreciate that people are uneasy about the current situation.

We expect there may be a few shorter term bumps in the road over the Northern Hemisphere winter, but that many people are already planning to travel further into 2022 when it is expected that things would relax again, especially for the Northern spring and summer. Our expectation is that most countries have already played their economic cards with lockdowns and would expect to be living with the virus long term, as long as there isn’t a drastic rise in deaths or hospitalisations. We are quietly hopeful that Omicron may be a less deadly coronavirus variant and may enable a long term endemic approach, as with the seasonal flu.

We are still seeing relatively strong forward booking volumes, although no doubt those have dropped off from November levels. We are concerned that those who are waiting until the New Year to book may find that there is less availability at that time and prices are likely to rise. To assist with offering additional peace of mind, we have introduced the following measures for bookings made between 1 December to 21 December…

  • We are waiving the first agency change fee, with subsequent changes after that just $77pp per reissue to cover our time and service in the event of multiple changes. Fare and tax difference may apply, subject to availability and any route changes.
  • Bookings made from 1 to 21 December may also cancel and submit a refundable fare for refund prior to 28 Feb 22 and the agency cancellation fees [$300 in economy/premium economy, $400 business class] may be retained as a credit and utilised towards an equivalent RTW fare for rebooking within 12 months of the original booking date.

We hope this additional flexibility assists with those wanting to confirm bookings over the next few weeks to secure advanced availability at discount fare levels. If you have any questions please reach out to our team for assistance with your round the world airfare booking.

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