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The Lufthansa Group airlines, Lufthansa, SWISS and Austrian, now offer an online document check in advance of your travel departure. This allows you to upload any necessary documents in advance and ensure they are correct.

For example, digital entry applications, COVID-19 test results or proof of vaccination will checked by their Health Entry Support Centre before departure. Travelers will receive information well in advance as to whether their travel documents are valid for entry or whether there is an urgent need for action. If the check is successful, you will have a digital boarding pass issued as usual when checking in.

• The digital document check is already available on all Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa and SWISS routes to Austria, Germany and Switzerland, as well as on many flights departing from these countries.

• Documents can be submitted no earlier than 72 hours and no later than 12 hours before departure

• The digital document check can only be done via the website of the airline on whose document the ticket was issued. Please be sure to provide the airline’s booking code or ticket number, as this information is required for identification purposes when uploading the documents. This info appears on your e-ticket receipts as issued by your consultant.

• We recommend that travellers take all uploaded and checked documents with them on their trip so they can show them if necessary.

To check latest requirements, we suggest to review the Sherpa website for information. Please note this may change prior to departure and is advised to monitor 1-2 weeks before departure to ensure you have the most up to date details.

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