Pre-Select Meal Feature Now Available On Lufthansa Business Class

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Lufthansa has made the recent change to its long haul business class service, allowing business class passengers to select their main course in advance to their flight. The Star Alliance member now has pre-select meals available between one month and 24 hours of departure on flights departing Germany, which can be accessed on a Lufthansa Business Class Global Fare. 

Not only does this feature ensure that you get your first meal choice, but you also get a larger selection of meals to choose from. There are typically three main course meal options on Lufthansa flights, with this also being the case for other airlines operating a long-haul business class service. The pre-order menu however has six different options that include a mixture of regional and seasonal menus. Those wanting to order a special meal due to dietary restrictions can still do so, with the six menu choices being in addition to these.

Lufthansa Announces Business Class Pre-Select Meal Feature

The six pre-order meal options are fillet of beef with pepper jus, vegetable curry, chicken leg teriyaki, halibut fillet with tomato-rosemary sauce, salmon fillet and sauteed polenta with chanterelles. With a more accurate way to predict what people will want, fewer extra meals will need to be loaded in order to ensure people end up with their meal preference. Having the ability to plan meals prior to departure is an important contribution to greater sustainability and to combating food and packaging waste.

Although this is a small change to Lufthansa’s business class product, it’s a step in the right direction for a more tailored customer experience with less waste as a result.

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