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Following a SWISS Airlines flight from Tokyo to Zurich (read our review of SWISS Business Class here) we continued through Europe to Vienna with Austrian Airlines after a short layover in Zurich. The early morning flight was made easier thanks to Austrian Airlines and SWISS both being part of the Lufthansa Group.

This meant we were able to check our bags and receive our boarding pass before departing Tokyo. This allowed us to skip the check-in process and head straight through security to the SWISS Schengen Business Class lounge on level 2 of Zurich Airport before our flight.

Austrian Airlines Business Class Boarding

Austrian Airlines Business Class Cabin Layout

Boarding was quick and easy with business class getting priority boarding. The seats were as you would expect on a domestic flight with the business class and economy cabins sharing the same 3-3 layout. The seat size was the main difference in business class with the middle seat being free, allowing for more room between passengers. Although the flight was very full, the middle seat was never compromised for those in business class.

Austrian Airlines Business Class
Austrian Airlines Business Class Seating
Austrian Airlines Business Class Leg Room
Austrian Airlines Business Class Departing Zurich

Austrian Airlines Business Class In-Flight Dining

Departing early in the morning meant we were offered breakfast on this short flight. Once we were in the air, flight attendants came round offering this. There was one breakfast service that was on offer which consisted of yogurt with figs as the main dish, with a side of some cheese, cold meats and tomato along with a freshly baked croissant that was provided slightly later (we put this down to it being heated up).

Austrian Airlines Business Class Breakfast Meal Service
Austrian Airlines Business Class Meal Service
Austrian Airlines Business Class Croissant
Austrian Airlines Business Class Chocolate

The yogurt was delicious with the figs adding a nice touch of sweetness. The croissant was soft, fluffy and very fresh and paired really well with the Apricot jam and butter that was provided on the side. We were also offered a selection of drinks that included tea, coffee and juice. We opted for a coffee.

With out flight being very short and not much longer than an hour, meal service was extremely quick but did not feel rushed. Shortly after finishing our meal our tray was cleared and we prepared for landing in Vienna.

Although seating was smaller than your regular long-haul Business Class, the seating is exactly what you would expect on a shorter flight. The seats were comfortable, the staff were friendly and accommodating and it made a nice difference having the middle seat spare to create an exclusive business class space. With good food and drinks, we would happily fly within the Schengen area with Austrian Airlines again.

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