Inside Qatar Airways QSuite Business Class Cabin

The  Qatar Airways QSuite touched down in Australia for the first time this week, we were onboard to take a look at the revolutionary new business class.

The stand out feature of the new QSuites is the business class double bed, which fronts on to another pair of seats and can be opened up to create a pod of four.

One side of the pod converts to a double bed with side tables on the outside of the bed

While the other side of the pod converts to 2 beds with side tables in the middle.

The screens inbetween the beds are all moveable, enabling a 4 person, 2 person or 1 person pod to be created.

On the sides of the cabin is a row of single seats along the winow. Again the screens between two seats can be removed s that passengers travelling together can see each other. Alternating rows have a side table on the window side of the plane and the others on the aisle side.

A convenient control panel is wrapped around the side table of each seat, including a removable smart screen remote control for the inflight entertainment system, a row of buttons to adjust the seat and bed settings to your comfort and various power and usb points.

Each seat in the cabin is surrounded by high walls that create a lot of privacy for each passenger and can be completely closed off.Each business class passenger receives an amenity kit in a BRICS case, packed with Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio products, socks and an eye mask upon boarding.

Qatar Airways QSuite is being rolled out across the airline’s fleet and can currently be experienced on flights to London, Paris, New York and Washington with more destinations being announced this year.

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