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Much like our Lufthansa A321Neo Business Class flight (you can read that review here), flying Business Class with Lufthansa in their A321-200 from Frankfurt to Paris was a very similar experience. A familiar, yet practical flight experience – typical of Intra-European travel, this flight was straightforward, with no extravagant frills, but still provided a comfortable journey for short haul.

Lufthansa A320 Business Class
Lufthansa A320 Business Class

Pre Flight Experience

Arriving at Frankfurt Airport in the morning, we found ourselves among a crowd of fellow travellers, creating a slightly congested pre-check in area. Despite this, once the check-in counters opened, our priority status ensure a swift process. With ample time before boarding, we retreated to the Lufthansa Panorama Lounge to relax and enjoy the amenities. As Frankfurt Airport is the hub airport for Lufthansa, they have a range of lounges such as their First Class Lounge and their other Business Class Lounge.

Lufthansa A320 Business Class Review
Lufthansa A321 Business Class Review

Lufthansa A321 Layout

The Lufthansa A321-200 Business Class maintains the traditional Eurobusiness layout, featuring a 3-3 cabin configuration akin to Economy seating. The difference is that the Economy seat remains unoccupied, providing extra space for passengers. As the A321-200 is the older model in comparison to A321Neo, the seats show slight signs of wear, but the service remains reliable for the short duration of the flight. Depending on demand, the Business Class section may expand with a movable curtain, accommodating more passengers seeking a higher level of comfort.

As is customary for intra-European flights, in-seat entertainment is not available. Some of Lufthansa’s A321’s have Wi-fi, unfortunately this wasn’t a flight with it onboard.

Lufthansa A320 Business Class Cabin Layout
Lufthansa A321 Business Class Cabin Layout
Lufthansa A320 Business Class Seat
Lufthansa A321 Business Class Seat
Lufthansa A320 Business Class Cabin
Lufthansa A321 Business Class Cabin

Food And Beverage Options

During the quick 1hr 20 min flight, we were served a light European-style meal. This was quite satisfactory as it was all cold and consisted of a cold meat and salad style dish, a bread roll on the side with jam condiments for dessert, a cold berry and custard type dish. Beverage options mirrored those of standard domestic Business Class flights, with a selection of wine, beer, and spirits served from a beverage cart. The attentive staff ensured our satisfaction with both meal choices and drink preferences.

Lufthansa A320 In-Flight Meal
Lufthansa A321 In-Flight Meal

Lufthansa A321 Business Class Overall

Our experience in Lufthansa A321-200 Business Class was pleasant overall, epitomising the essence of Euro-business. While lacking in extravagant features that usually separates an Economy seat from a Business, the attentive service and slight enhancements such as slightly extra seat space, provided a comfortable journey. Despite the older aircraft and slightly worn seats, the flight remained smooth.

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