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LufthansaBusiness Class Lounge Review

After a quick intra-Europe short-haul Business Class flight with Lufthansa, we landed in Frankfurt and popped into the Lufthansa Panorama Lounge. Being Business Class passengers on the A321Neo flight prior from Reykjavik (read that review here), we had free access – other passengers who are Star Alliance Gold members are also granted access to this unique lounge. 

Lufthansa Panorama Lounge Frankfurt Layout

Located in Terminal 1 near Gate A26, the Lufthansa Panorama Lounge offers a distinctive experience compared to other Lufthansa lounges located in Frankfurt Airport such as the Lufthansa Business Class lounge & the Lufthansa First Class lounge

 Lufthansa Panorama Lounge. main area
Lufthansa Panorama Main Lounge

Operating from 6:30 am to 9:00 pm daily, the lounge accommodates early travellers such as ourselves who arrived at the lounge around 7 am. Known previously as part of Frankfurt airport’s VIP services, Lufthansa took over this lounge in late 2018, and so its design is quite obscure with many different small rooms (which previously were VIP rooms), straying from the more norm layout of Lufthansa’s other lounges. 

Lufthansa Panorama Lounge - Smaller Rooms
Lufthansa Panorama Lounge – Smaller Rooms

When entering the lounge, you are greeted at the reception desk by staff. You can then head right, leading to the big, open and more modern space of the lounge where most passengers hang out. Alternatively, you can head left, following a hallway with many smaller rooms that accommodate around 5-10 people, creating a quieter and less busy atmosphere.

The bigger area is characterised by a contemporary and open design, featuring high ceilings and a modern aesthetic. Our time of arrival being in the morning, made the lounge incredibly bright, with the thin curtains on some of the windows doing a limited amount to block the bright glares. 

Main Area of Lufthansa Panorama Lounge
Main Area of Lufthansa Panorama Lounge

As this part of the Lufthansa Panorama Lounge was the focal point, many passengers congregated here which made it quite busy. The layout included cafe-style tables, high-top seating and large windows that offer expansive views of the airport’s surroundings. 

Main Area in Lufthansa Panorama Lounge
Main Area in Lufthansa Panorama Lounge

We opted to head for one of the smaller rooms on the left side of the reception and found ourselves walking right through to the back room. The previous VIP rooms that we passed were reminiscent of the lounge’s previous incarnation, with slightly outdated decor, but nonetheless still designed to provide a more intimate and secluded setting.

Seating Area in Lufthansa Panorama Lounge
Seating Areas in Back Left of Lufthansa Panorama Lounge

Each of the small rooms is furnished with a mix of couches or lounges/lounge chairs, coffee tables, bookshelves, creating a homely atmosphere. Our hidden room right at the back left of the Lufthansa Panorama Lounge had an incredibly comfortable lounge which you were able to properly sit back in and kick your feet up on – proving to be a great place for a quick nap. This room also provided amazing views of Frankfurt Airport with the tarmac in plain sight – great for aviation enthusiasts. 

 Lufthansa Panorama Lounge. seting optinos
Lounge Seating Options
Airplane Views from Back of Lufthansa Panorama Lounge.
Airplane Views from Back of Panorama Lounge.

Lufthansa Panorama Lounge Dining and Beverage Options

The highlight of Lufthansa Panorama Lounge in Frankfurt was the impressive breakfast spread, featuring a diverse selection of dishes. We found that the catering in the Lufthansa Panorama Lounge has not only returned to its pre-pandemic standards, but has surpassed them. 

Food Area in Lufthansa Panorama Lounge
Food Area in Lufthansa Panorama Lounge

The main lounge area houses a buffet in the centre with an extensive selection of offerings from traditional German breakfast, continental breakfast, hot dishes, salads and soups and a dessert station. 

Lufthansa Panorama Lounge Buffet Area
Lufthansa Panorama Lounge Buffet Area

We opted for traditional German breakfast which included freshly baked bread, German sausage, eggs etc-  to really immerse ourselves in the German cuisine, and everything tasted great. Other breakfast options included pastries, a variety of cereals and toast. 

Traditional German Breakfast Lufthansa Panorama Lounge.
Traditional German Breakfast

The hot dishes on offer included a combination of meats, potatoes and other accompaniments. Lighter options included an array of fresh salads and soups; and for the sweet tooth, cakes, pastries, sweets and ice creams are also available. 

Hot Dishes at Lufthansa Panorama Lounge
Hot Dishes at Lufthansa Panorama Lounge
Continental Breakfast Options at Lufthansa Panorama Lounge
Continental Breakfast Options at Lufthansa Panorama Lounge
Lufthansa Panorama Lounge Buffet
Lufthansa Panorama Lounge Buffet
Pastries and Bakery Section. Lufthansa Panorama Lounge.
Pastries and Bakery Section.

Throughout the entire lounge, there were many beverage stations set up including throughout the small rooms on the left side of the lounge. Each station is equipped with basic coffee machines, and skim or full-cream milk was on offer (warning for any who enjoys their alternative almond, oat, soy etc. milks). 

Cafe Area in Lufthansa Panorama Lounge.
Cafe Area in Lufthansa Panorama Lounge.

While the coffee may not include barista-made options, the convenience of self-serve stations ensures a quick and accessible caffeine fix. Refreshing soft drinks and juices are available to quench non-coffee-drinkers’ thirst, with the Lufthansa Panorama Lounge aiming to provide a variety of non-alcoholic options as well for passengers. 

Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Selection Lufthansa Panorama Lounge.
Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Selection

As we arrived quite early in the morning, alcoholic beverages were off the table for us personally, however German tap beer was available if we were feeling adventurous. Other various wines and beers were available from a selection in an ice-bucket and a ‘help yourself’ layout. Many spirits, with a decent range of mixers could also be accessed via self service which would be nice for a later flight. 

Spirit Selection at Lufthansa Panorama Lounge
Spirit Selection at Lufthansa Panorama Lounge

Other Features

The Lufthansa Panorama Lounge in Frankfurt Airport offers useful facilities for passengers including shower suites, allowing individuals to refresh themselves before or after a flight. It was an added bonus that they were free to use. The bathrooms and showers are located just inside the entrance to the left, and were overall fairly maintained with marble decoration and black features. 

There is free Wi-Fi accessible in the Lufthansa Panorama Lounge and it is reliable, fast and a key factor nailed on the head in comparison to past experiences at other airport Business Class lounges. 


The Lufthansa Panorama Lounge in Frankfurt, stands out with its unique design. Welcomed by friendly staff at the entrance, and catered for by other staff throughout the lounge made the overall experience relaxing and enjoyable. 

The lounge’s contemporary architecture accentuated by expansive windows in the main area creates an airy atmosphere, while secluded rooms at the back offer a snug setting with panoramic views of the tarmac. 

 Lufthansa Panorama Lounge. tarmac views
Tarmac Views of Lufthansa Panorama Lounge

With choices available for a smaller, tranquil room or sitting in the bustling main lounge, passengers can select their preferred space, catering to a variety of needs. Furthermore, the food and beverage options are also widely spread – allowing passengers to indulge in whatever they desire depending on their body clocks/time of day and hunger levels. 

Some minor suggestions for this lounge include implementing better curtains to help block out the early morning sun and implementing more alternative milk options. The free shower suites were another added benefit of this lounge, however spots fill out quickly so availability really depends on the time of lounge access. 

If you’re looking to organise a Lufthansa Business Class Global Fare with a Europe stopover, now is the perfect time to get in touch with an airfare specialist where they can provide you with a range of options to suit your travel needs! 

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