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We recently flew Qantas Business Class on their A330-300 from Sydney to Tokyo, after an extended visit to the Qantas International Business Class Lounge due to our flight being delayed from an 8:20pm departure to 9:53pm.

Sydney International Airport Boarding Gate

Qantas Business Class Cabin Layout

Once boarding began it was a quick process thanks to priority boarding for all business class passengers. The Qantas Business Class cabin is a 1-2-1 layout, with alternating seats to accommodate the footwell for the fully flat bed. We are seeing the 1-2-1 become a very regular configuration for long-haul international flights, with passengers become accustom to having direct aisle access for all seats.

Qantas A330-300 Business Class Priority Boarding
Qantas Business Class A330-300 Cabin Layout

Qantas Business Class Storage And Amenities

We were seated in 3A, a middle seat towards the front of the cabin. Our seat had the table located on the outside, closest to the aisle. This gave us, what felt like, a touch more privacy, compared to those that had the arm rest located on the aisle side. When we arrived at our seat, there was a amenity kit, mattress, blanket, and pillow along with a water bottle, and headphones.

Qantas Business Class A330-300 Middle Seat
Qantas Business Class A330-300 Pillow, Blanket, Mattress Topper, PJs and Amenity Kit

The Qantas Business Class seat has good options for storage including shelves, where you can store headphones, magazines and personal items. There was also a larger storage space to the left of the seat for bedding, clothing of in-flight essentials. The seat itself was very spacious and comfortable, with the deep footwell being perfect to stretch out our legs.

Qantas Business Class A330-300 Entertainment Screen And Footwell
Qantas Business Class A330-300 Charging Ports
Qantas Business Class A330-300 Headphones And Storage Area
Qantas Business Class A330-300 Storage
Qantas Business Class A330-300 Screen

The amenity kit was in a small red and blue pouch with the Qantas logo. Inside were socks, an eye mask, Polama hand cream, Mirri face cream, Lowanna lip balm, along with ear plugs and a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Qantas Business Class A330-300 Amenity Kit

To the right of the seat there was also a remote stored within the table, with a mirror also located here. The remote was easy to remove and use, however the cord took some wrestling to retract.

Qantas Business Class A330-300 Remote

Qantas Business Class In-Flight Dining

While the rest of the plane was boarding, we were offered a glass of champagne and an inflight menu that included both Dinner and Breakfast options. Shortly after take off the cabin crew came to take our orders. Due to the delayed departure, many other guests chose to skip meal service and go straight to sleep. There was also an option on the menu for an express breakfast that allows guests to sleep more before arrival, or the option not to be disturbed if they are still asleep. This is a nice touch, especially on long-haul night flights.

Qantas Business Class A330-300 Pre Flight Drink And Amenity Kit
Qantas Business Class A330-300 Menu
Qantas Business Class A330-300 Breakfast Menu
Qantas Business Class A330-300 Menu
Qantas Business Class A330-300 Drinks Menu

With such a large portion of the guest electing to skip meal service the cabin crew came and offered to put everyone’s mattress on their seat. This was a nice touch for those that wanted help, but it was easy to slip over the seat and secured with the elastic.

For dinner, we selected the Seared Grasslands beef fillet with thyme-roasted carrots, silverbeet and Cafe de Paris butter. The meat was tender and the butter added a rich salty flavour, this was complimented by the carrots and silverbeet. Overall it was a reasonable meal while flying.

Qantas Business Class A330-300 Side
Qantas Business Class A330-300 Main

After the main dinner service, there was a selection of cheese served with accompaniments to finish including Tarwin Blue, Woombye Ash Brie and Pyengaga, along with dark chocolate cream with hazelnut cake, poached pear and caramel, Pat and Stick’s ice cream sandwich and seasonal fruits and chocolates. As it was well past midnight at this point, we opted to skip the remaining meal service and get some sleep before landing in Tokyo.

The controls on the Qantas Business Class seat were easy to use, being in a diagram formation. The footwell was wide, which allowed us to move around during the flight and not feel too constricted while the seat was reasonably comfortable. The mattress topper increased the padding, making it a comfortable sleep.

Qantas Business Class A330-300 Seat Controls
Qantas Business Class A330-300 Footwell, Mattress Topper And Blanket
Qantas Business Class A330-300 Footwell And Fully Flat Bed
Qantas Business Class A330-300 Express Breakfast

As the dinner service was served late due to departing late, we opted for the express breakfast services of a simple black coffee and yoghurt for breakfast to maximise rest before landing. Although we selected these options, we were surprised to see that the yoghurt did not come with any accompanying items such as some fruit or nuts like on other airlines. We would have liked to have some sides for this to fill out the meal more. When it came to getting a top up of coffee we had to call the cabin crew a number of times before getting served, which was slightly disappointing.

Overall, the flight was good with direct aisle access from our seat, a comfortable mattress to sleep along with a big footwell that allowed us to move around during the night. There could be some room for improvement with meal service and their offering, but overall the Business Class cabins provided a comfortable seat on our flight from Sydney to Tokyo.

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