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After travelling to Tokyo in Business Class with Qantas on their A330-300 we then flew to Zurich in SWISS Business Class on a Boeing 777-300ER. The check-in process was quick and easy, while our bags were checked all the way through to Vienna, our final destination, due to SWISS and Austrian Airlines having a codeshare agreement. This was a bit of a surprise as our layover in Zurich was 13-hours and also overnight.

SWISS Business Class Boarding
SWISS Business Class Boarding

Travelling in Business Class with SWISS we were given the choice between two lounges in Narita Airport due to SWISS being a Star Alliance member. These were the United Club and also ANA. The lounge we picked was the United Club (you can read our United Club Narita review here) as it was the closest to our boarding gate.  Five hours before the flight we received a text message that there would be a delay to our flight. Although it wasn’t a significant change, we found it helpful as it meant we could remain in the lounge during that period.

SWISS Business Class Cabin Layout

The SWISS Boeing 777-300ER Business Class is in a 2-2-1/1-2-2 layout, with alternating single seating on the window sides. We noticed mostly couples occupied the double seats on the window, so most passengers were not having to crawl over a stranger to get out of their seats.

SWISS Business Class Middle Seat
SWISS Business Class Double Window Seat
SWISS Business Class Cabin Layout
SWISS Business Class Rotating Single And Double Window Seats

SWISS Business Class Storage And Amenities

When we arrived at our seat a pillow and blanket were provided on the seat while a set of headphones, a bottle of water and a coat hanger were located to the right. To the left was a small storage compartment and shelving that fit a book, the amenity kit, the slippers, and any smaller objects we had, In the amenity kit there were a pair of slippers (very handy when getting up to use the bathroom), socks, an eye mask, earplugs, toothbrush and toothpaste. The seat was easy to control with large buttons and options to adjust the cushion and have a massage.

SWISS Business Class Headphones, Water Bottle And Coat Hanger
SWISS Business Class Amenity Kit
SWISS Business Class Seat Controls
SWISS Business Class Storage Shelf And Table
SWISS Business Class Magazine Holder

A remote was also located to the right of our seat, tucked away in its own storage compartment. There was a large screen on the remote which allowed us to view our flight path at the same time we were watching a movie.

SWISS Business Class Remote
SWISS Business Class Remote

The entertainment screen was a good size and there were a good variety of entertainment options, with a number of movie options ranging from classics to new releases. We watched ‘The Menu’ during the flight, which was only just released a few months back.

SWISS Business Class Entertainment Screen
SWISS Business Class Remote And TV

SWISS Business Class In-Flight Dining

Shortly after boarding, we were offered a choice of complimentary champagne or pink soda. We opted for the soda which was refreshing and delicious. While we enjoyed our soda the cabin crew provided the inflight menu to select our entree and a main, or could opt for the express menu being a selection of cheeses and smaller meals.

SWISS Business Class Pre Flight Sparkling Water
SWISS Business Class Menu
SWISS Business Class Menu
SWISS Business Class Bistro Menu
SWISS Business Class Champagne Menu
SWISS Business Class Drinks Menu

Once we had departed Tokyo, the staff began coming around and offering a selection of drinks. There was a variety of wines, coffees, teas and juices available with a small selection of nuts provided to snack on with our choice of drink. As it was still early in the morning we opted for water and green tea.

SWISS Business Class Pre Meal Snack
SWISS Business Class Green Tea And Swiss Chocolates

Shortly after this, the cabin crew came around to set passengers tray tables with a white tablecloth, ready for meal service. For our entree we chose the Marinated Squid, Salmon with black pepper, fennel salad, cherry tomatoes and passionfruit sauce. Unfortunately, the Salmon was not to our taste but the sauce was very tangy and fresh.

SWISS Business Class Entree
SWISS Business Class Sides

Along with our meal, we were also served a selection of bread rolls, cheese and grapes. For the Main course, we chose the Beef tenderloin with maitre d’hotel butter, saffron rice, mixed bean ragout and cherry tomato confit. The beef wasn’t very appetizing due to being very overcooked, but the saffron rice and bean ragout was spicy and delicious.

SWISS Business Class Main

For dessert we were offered a selection of cheeses, a slice of passionfruit cheesecake and of course Swiss Chocolates. The passionfruit cheesecake was creamy and fresh, making it the nicest section of our meal. The Swiss chocolates were of course, delicious.

SWISS Business Class Dessert

After meal service, the cabin lights were dimmed for those that wished to sleep, with a pink hue remaining through the cabin.

SWISS Business Class Dimmed Cabin

There was also a second meal service closer to landing and although we were asleep and did not get disturbed, the airline staff did come around after asking if we wish to have a meal. It would have been a nice touch to select if you wish to be woken or not on your menu selections, like other airlines.

Wifi was available on this flight but it did have to be purchased, with four options being available depending on what you wanted to use data for.

SWISS Business Class Wifi Options

Although there could be some room for improvement with meal service, the overall Business Class experience with SWISS was comfortable and enjoyable. The in-flight amenities were decent and the seat was spacious but we would like to see wifi included to really increase the entire experience.

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