Star Alliance RTW Fare Update

Star Alliance

Following a major fare update, you can now make just 2 stops on a Star Alliance round the world airfare.

Previously 3 stops were required however Star Alliance dropped the requirements to 2 this week, meaning more itineraries are possible using the alliances’ 28 partner airlines. If you really want to race around the world, you only need to stay for 24 hours in each stop

Star Alliance RTW fares are built on mileage levels with itineraries up to 26,000, 29,000, 34,000 or 39,000 miles possible at different price points. Travel needs to be in one direction and both the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean must be crossed once.

Round The Word Tickets are generally an attractive value proposition, especially compared to a series of one way tickets on separate airlines. Reducing the number of minimum stops required means these fares are even more flexible.

Contact our RTW Airfare Experts on 1300 318 227 or submit an enquiry here to discuss your trip. Our Airfare consultant will recommend the best round the world airfare option to suit your needs.

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